Please bear in mind I can only draw what I can see. With that in mind I offer the following guide:

For the best results I will need a clear and high quality picture. The face needs to be at least 5cm (2") wide. The bigger and clearer the better. The pictures really come to life when there is lots of eye detail so please bear this in mind when selecting your photograph. I will email you a scan of the picture on completion and in the unlikely event that you are not happy with the work I will refund you, less 25% for my time.

I generally draw on A4 size bristol board which is a high quality acid-free paper, so no yellowing with time, and all portraits are finished off with a spray fixative to ensure no smearing of the graphite.

Prices are based on A4 8"x12" (30cm x 21cm approx) in size. 

Single Figure  £30 black and grey. £50 coloured pencil.

A5 (21cm x 15 cm approx) portraits are £40 coloured pencil only.

Add £10 per extra figure in any size picture.

Payment in advance please.

Postage and insurance to be added and advised accordingly

To place orders or for further information, email me at [email protected]

Delivery is dependant on workload and I would kindly ask for your patience.

Finally, I reserve the right to display any completed portraits online or at exhibitions as examples of my work.

Many Thanks